Issue 17 Reviews

Sheila Black, Love/Iraq
Reviewed by Joe Vastano

sheila black’s book of poems, Love/Iraq, explores both the real and conceptual worlds of heaven and hell as they melt and fuse and eddy into each other. Poignant memories...

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Marcia Hatfield Daudistel, Ed., Literary El Paso
Reviewed by Robert J. Zertuche

i can't figure out if I’m an indecisive person or a person who wants everything, in every facet of life. My reading appetite is no different. I love both fiction and nonfiction, and I...

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Bárbara Renaud González, Golondrina, why did you leave me?
Reviewed by Monet Moutrie

bárbara renaud gonzález’s debut novel, Golondrina, why did you leave me?, is rich in Texas history, family dynamics, and literary aesthetics. González’s words have the...

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Judy Halebsky, Sky=Empty
Reviewed by Colin Pope

at first glance, the title of Judy Halebsky’s first book, Sky=Empty, might strike one as casually flippant. But, indeed, there is nothing flippant about this book. Its weight is...

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Mary Hamilton, We know what we are
Reviewed by Josh Collins

of all there is to admire in the work of Mary Hamilton, why not begin with the sentences? For example, try these nimble first lines from “When me and Theodore look at the sky, we...

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Steve Hely, How I Became A Famous Novelist
Reviewed by Jaime Netzer

you may not know Steve Hely by name, but it’s possible he has already made you laugh. Hely is a TV writer. He currently pens for 30 Rock; in the past he has written for...

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Lynn K. Kilpatrick, In the House
Reviewed by Julia Eddington

lynn k. kilpatrick’s first book, In the House, is a collection of stories with a rich emotional undercurrent. In precise, crisp language, these stories of stolen daughters...

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Trey Moody, Climate Reply
Reviewed by Jason Coates

in his debut collection of poems, Climate Reply, Trey Moody surfaces with a vibrant, calculated, determined voice that confronts desire and absence with such force that one...

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Joyce Carol Oates, A Widow's Story: A Memoir
Reviewed by Gwynne Middleton

if you're like me, when you think “Joyce Carol Oates,” you think “prolific.” Author of 39 novels, 20 short story collections, 8 novellas, and 10 poetry collections, numerous plays, essays...

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Gary L. McDowell & F. Daniel Rzicznek, Eds., The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Prose Poetry: Contemporary Poets in Discussion and Practice
Reviewed by Caitlin McCrory

the prose poem is hard to categorize because “it is not just poetry without line breaks”; rather, according to Gary McDowell and Daniel Rzicznek at Rose Metal Press, “prose...

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Shawna Yang Ryan, Water Ghosts
Reviewed by Gwynne Middleton

when i was a kid I was more than a little afraid of ghosts. In an effort to keep me inside after sunset and away from wildcats that lived in the woods across from our property, my...

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Josie Sigler, Living Must Bury
Reviewed by Shiloh Booker

josie sigler’s first book, Living Must Bury, is a careful curation of sorrow. In it, she collects and displays various objects and moments of pain with a provocative and skilled...

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Darlene Harbour Unrue, Katherine Anne Porter Remembered
Reviewed by Emily Howorth

in the introduction to Katherine Anne Porter Remembered, Darlene Harbour Unrue states her objective: to provide her reader with “a composite portrait” of Porter, who led...

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Susan Wood, The Book of Ten
Reviewed by Denise Rodriguez

the confict of human nature versus societal morality has long been a topic for the arts. Susan Wood’s new collection, The Book of Ten, contains a series of poems based on the...

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