Issue 26 Poetry

In the field with the god
by Laura Donnelly

What will you do,
when it is your turn in the field with the god?

-Louise Glück

My mother stretched a phone cord through
the field where I was born, a coil

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The Saboteur’s Grandfather
by Amorak Huey

If when the questioners come for you
you’re watching Baywatch with the sound off,
not for the flesh
but for the sand,
the saltwater –

if they hold your lifetime against you,
your skills, your strong hands –

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by Peter Leight

A flattened arch, curved filigree of girders and metal threads raised a little in the middle, not taking one side or the other, plunging its thick hands into the ground, wrist-deep, rooted in both sides, as if it needs to be plural.

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A Mutter to Self
by Muriel Nelson

It’s that time when vine maples can’t tell if they’re red or green,
when your daylights match the sunset,
and you pace like a pigeon dropping blobs from your whiteout pen.

So much for the art of erasure.
Whites glow. But rubbing creates, you mutter, or creature
clutter or heat or mistakes or

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I was going through my things today when I found an avalanche down
by Russ Woods

I was going through my things today when I found an avalanche down
in my sweaters. She looked so lonely so I asked her to dance, just this
once, for old time's sake, though I knew she would slip through
my arms like before, in those days when I used to leave my beard long

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