Issue 21 Poetry

Devil All Alone
by Charlie Clark

The one he likes to tell himself,

or recalls most frequently

and with growing vividness

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Devil and Balloons
by Charlie Clark

The way the ones the helium’s

fizzled from droop

make him look like an octopus

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A Cough into the Acoustic
by Jake Syersak

Could the concentrated undulate of air around a hummingbird's wing
replace the force of air required in a woodwind—say, a clarinet?

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by Elizabeth Hoover

Let’s start with the stream, glittering
like tinsel around the virgin’s hips
as he wades out, holding a copper pitcher.
A hero waits on the bank, the hailstones
of his cries chop the empty sea.

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Chemical Impulses
by Elizabeth Hoover

The chemical flames from the factory
smack their lips against your house.

You insist you are sober, but rock
your mind a lead bob scrapping the floor,

your body is an ear listening
to the humming tuning fork

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