Issue 19 Poetry

Wine Cup
by J. Scott Brownlee

Juke-joint jewel, I bloom regally here.
See how poor folks pick me like the meat

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Queen for a Day
by Emily Carr

five of wands

Brass couplets drift across concrete, succumb to shattered simile
relieved only by the bend of her knee, an elbow resting on
tombstone. The wings of her hipbones line up without comment,
her wet fingers spoon salt.

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Lateral Gene Exchange
by Emily Carr

king of cups

She puts her wedding ring in a Bandaid box, her sundress flowers

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Morning Exercise
by Emily Carr

page of pentacles

What you need to know is her coordinates are elsewhere.
She is working with only a few elements of memory.

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Opened Job his mouth—
by Dawn Pendergast

& rote Job I

I do ready

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One To The Many To The One
by Dawn Pendergast

Plain as our ways we/I are

embrace wheat fields

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by Dawn Pendergast

They our children

suns for every day

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Break it down
by Dawn Pendergast

holy dark land

a wreath of fleas

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Fernando Pessoa in Macau
by Emily Stone

I’m sorry, I stole your tapenade and rushed away as you approached, anticipating that you would move this admixture of cultures from one refrigerator to the next. There are now more McDonalds in China than there are in the world.

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Estrangeiros no Alentejo
by Emily Stone

Through lucid high altitude dreams of deadlines and popular demands, I say we should have a big house, a plunging, backlit estate with grounds, with a private road, gardens, a square of solid red earth for the helicopter. Jubilant rebels sweep Tripoli and we smile high-cheek-boned at each other.

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