Issue 17 Poetry

Hey, Universe
by Sherman Alexie

You dropped an archaic phone book at our front door,
And, for weeks, my wife and I let it sit, twisted

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The Public Health Option
by Sherman Alexie

Ah, hell, the drum fell

And broke both my thumbs,

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A History
by Bethany Haug

Terrible singing voice. Just terrible.
Photos reveal her mood settled

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Working for non-profit does not make you a saint; this is a story about a hotdog.
by Bethany Haug

Between my good intentions
I find little sustenance. Some days

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La Pulga Beauties
by Katherine Hoerth

I lay here with my sisters, naked skin to naked skin-we’re on display
this Saturday at La Pulga, feeling the eyes of the hungry

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Citizen's Guide to Childhood
by Claire Schwartz

I am asking for the clouds I am convinced you keep
to lend the morning, but you breathe me a mouthful

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"Hombres Necios"
by D.E. Steward

Amber white is a pale yellow green stronger than smoke gray
Or Nile and lighter than oyster gray in a lighter shade of pale

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Drier than Dão
by D.E. Steward

Is Azeitão a strong red of the Sierra da Arrábida
A long Belle Époc zinc bar in Oporto as if still

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A Poem in Which No One is Named Bob
by Lucy Tiven

In a conversation with my therapist
I referred to you as Bob. Your name is not Bob obviously

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Poem Composed Entirely with Last Lines in David Lehman Poems
by James Valvis

My father, dead since 1971-
hey, it beats working!

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