Issue 21 Nonfiction

by Graham Oliver

the family bond. I once thought of it as a system of fragile chains linking me to these people who happened to have the same things running through their blood as me. Some of these chains stayed intact throughout the years, some broke and I imagined they would probably never be repaired. Sometimes I’d forget about them, only to be reminded by a sobbing phone call at three a.m.

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When you Get Sick but are Young and Mildly Attractive, this:
by Tessa Fontaine

i relish thistrump-card.

Dr. Yee has the fingers of a grand pianist. He stands onstage, my spliced intestine coiled and drooping from each digit as he conducts a symphony.

I want to be drunk.
I want everyone to send me flowers
without my having to thank them.

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At the Liberian Refugee Camp
by Tessa Fontaine

I bring an orange to share with you, Glory. The mothers arrive afterschool and sit behind Fun With Dick and Jane. Today they practice th. I can help with th. This orange, fat in my pocket, walking, as I pass the board naming the missing. There. December’s sweltering. The mothers read Jane.

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