Issue 28 Fiction

Atlas at the Starlite Inn
by Jenny Xie

IT WAS ARNOLD’S graveyard shift at the Starlite Inn. In the lobby, the Christmas tree made of fringed green PVC emitted a whiny carol whose notes corresponded to the changing lights. As he hooked plastic angels onto the branches, he thought of the tree at home with June. He could stand with his face pressed to the needles and inhale its alpine tang, return to the tree lot and the time before he found out the awful thing about her. It would remain a naked blue spruce this year. No one to keep up appearances for—not even themselves.

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The Day You Begin to Forget
by Claire Miye Stanford

THE DAY YOU begin to forget starts like any other day. You wake. You shower. You undertake the minutiae of your morning routine, doing the things you have been trained to do to make yourself presentable to the world: blow drying your hair, putting your contacts in, puzzling over the contents of your closet. You lock the door and walk two blocks and buy a coffee and hold down the hem of your skirt as you descend the subway steps.

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