Issue 22 Fiction

In Between Days
by Andrew Porter

since his divorce, Elson has fallen into the habit of stopping by the Brunswick Hotel for a quick drink after work. He likes the Brunswick Hotel because it’s one of the newest hotels in the city and because he knows that no one he knows will ever find him here. He likes the anonymity of it, of drinking here alone in the third-floor bar area, of sitting here at the window, staring out across the street at the futuristic office buildings, at their slick glass surfaces, knowing that behind these glass surfaces men and women in finely pressed suits are probably packing up their bags and briefcases, making plans for dinner or drinks. He likes to imagine these people leaving, likes to watch them as they walk out the door and get in their cars. There’s something strangely soothing about it all, about this daily routine of watching the city empty out, of watching it grow quiet and dark.

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My Brother Has Begun to Shrink
by Theresa Pfister

my brother has begun to shrink. No one knows except the two of us. Mom’s suspicious, but she doesn’t have any proof. It’s been about a week, and he’s already lost seven inches. At this rate, he’ll be shorter than me in a few days.

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Countdown to Sea
by Melinda Palacio

doreen counted twenty corridors and ten doors before a nurse helped her locate her husband at Cottage Hospital. She was careful not to slam the door. Paul’s eyes were closed and he didn’t move. She pulled up a chair beside him. She squeezed her hand and allowed her fingernail to sink into the flesh of her thumb. Everyday Doreen found something new to count. At night, when she fought sleep, she performed long division. She hadn’t always been a counter. It started with the accident at work, a misstep that resulted in ten stitches on her knee, two crutches, and the same black sweatpants for six weeks.

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