Ansley Clark


The summer had been talking to me    Oui c'est ça.

Eggs of flame dropped
into the yard    emptied
each bottle of beer.

The afternoon revolved and revolved.

Like hours    like some
lowlife where    has my bravery gone.    Là-bas.


Dogs and sleds approach
skin across the exposure.

I pull out my revolver.

What we trust here:
Starkness. Teeth.

Wild strawberries rattling
in my closed fist.

The shrill that reels
out of a voice
when shaken.


A manor floats     into view     inside the cloud valley

I do love exhibit            splendor and its demands

what still astounds me       the world          and its reserve

its lack of need          as in            a lake and its poplars

occurring as nothing      as an afternoon            or sad

animals       meant to induce crying             I should just

stay in this corner     I mean really        how hard is it

to remain quiet about    what I do not yet       possess.

I'm Getting Ahead of Myself

I fall asleep in a fountain

hier soir  j’ai rêvé d’un loup

when I wake everyone  has desire  and sweeping

j’ai rêvé d’un gros loup qui avait envie de me manger

coughing up cakes because  you know  spring

mais il n’était pas trop mechant lui  le loup

and falling in love  such blue

tu sais  mais tu sais  d’abord

such urgency  parading as vigor

il m’a dit "Up!"

you shimmer towards

et donc il m’a donné dans ma bouche tous les gâteaux

seek fat for example in my body

miam miam

forgive me but I do love

mais avant que je suis tombée dans sa gorge

hanging about  your person I shrug on

j’ai fait mon cou comme ça  un poisson cassé

a nice dress  soap my thighs

et j’ai crié

for your long waistline  say of laughing say

"Désolée ma belle Bretagne! Je dois te quitter!"

down your throat.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Ansley Clark is now an MFA candidate at University of Colorado Boulder, where she also teaches creative writing. Her poems, essays, and reviews have appeared in Ilk, Smoking Glue Gun, B O D Y, The Volta, Spork, Nowhere Magazine, and elsewhere. Her chapbook Geography is forthcoming from dancing girl press.


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