Farren Stanley and Jessalyn Wakefield

Rabbit in a Recession

It is for the lilies. It is stalked and purple as a promise of its recidivism

The rest is a cavity flushed.

It is a harried sleep. It is a carcass nourishing a splendid, tined tree

The rest is a figseed, is a tiny ovum.

It is devoured. The warren receives a collection notice

The rest is the threat at the edges of stillness.

It is a rabbit’s face in the crevice of a desert rock, the red of extreme unction

The rest is whalebone stays, or the promise of harps

before harps were invented.

It is a warrenspace, recontextualized to favor the immediate over the absolute.

The rest is reticulated fluid.

Farren Stanley’s place-of-origin is Santa Fe, NM, but her heart followed her body to Tuscaloosa, AL. She lives under a magnolia tree with two dogs, two goldfish and seven orchids. She and Jessalyn have been playing together for ten years. You can find her work in Handsome, elimae, RealPoetik, Caketrain, H_NGM_N and at Greying Ghost Press.

Jessalyn Wakefield is a practitioner of typography, writing, and other theories of correspondence. You can find her work at amihuman.net.


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