Fatima R. Espiritu

Courtney Love is Gonna Jump

after video comments online: march, april

USER 1: Strange, if I saw someone that was about to jump, and I couldn't stop it, I’d stay and watch

careful to get every detail. It would be beautiful.
USER 2: As a train driver I don't see it that way, the last serious incident I was involved in was a few

years ago now and while some happen very suddenly and without
warning, or very little warning, this time I had a lot longer to see what was about to happen; he

stepped out and made a star by outstretching                                   I was sounding whistle, braking in
his arms & legs;
emergency, etc, but as he didn't

USER 5: this was one of the best songs of the year, kickass video, awesome sound, just great. then every single that came after got progressively worse and worse. what the hell happened? they could have been THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BE

USER 3: wow sorry dude no

move, I put my head below the dash so I couldn't see what was happening,

one should have to see that

Fatima R. Espiritu's work has appeared online through the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. She is currently a second-year poet at the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Fatima's latest project is a series of storiessays in which historical eras go on blind dates with modern technological phenomenon


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